Weapon Arts of Okinawa DVD 2 with Shinpo Matayoshi

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The Grand Master of Okinawan Kobudo, Shinpo Matayoshi, 10th Dan, Hanshi, demonstrates the sai, kama and nunti sai with a level of agility, power and focus that can only be acquired from a lifetime of serious study. This program includes detailed lectures on the sai and kama; basic techniques and kata for all three weapons; and demonstrations of practical combat applications in which he is assisted by the noted instructors Morio Higaonna and Hideharu Igaki.

55 min.

Customer Reviews

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William Wilson
tribute to a master

The second of 2 DVDs covering the metal weapons of the Matayoshi kobudo features a studio setting and full English narration.
Excellent historical presentation.

Michael Gutierrez
Weapon Arts of Okinawa with Matayoshi Shinpo #2

I have watched video #2 of Weapon Arts of Okinawa with Matayoshi Shinpo and am amazed at his skill and expertise with all weapons and Katas. Along with video #1, I am thrilled to have the videos for my training in Matayoshi Kobudo!