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Super Grappling Techniques Vol 2 DVD de Shinya Aoki

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El veterano de Pride, Shinya Aoki, enseña más de sus técnicas revolucionarias en el volumen 2 de Super Grappling Techniques.
Los capítulos incluyen:
1) Chokes frontales: Incluye guillotinas, chokes giratorios, contraataques, etc.
2) Mundo: Este es un nuevo estrangulador que Aoki ha desarrollado. Incluye instrucciones detalladas y variaciones. Ahora se la conoce comúnmente como la "corbata japonesa".
3) guillotinas
4) Choques del soporte.
Caracteristicas adicionales:
Shinya Aoki vs Akira Kikuchi (Pelea de Shooto)

Idioma: japonés
Tiempo de ejecución: 130 mín.


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Jon Aoki
worth it

As with Shinya's other dvd, expensive, but worth it if you are a BJJ player. Nice variations.

The first portion is

The first portion is basically a recap of Shinya Aoki's career in Shooto, and the bulk of the DVD is his demonstrations, which, to say the least, aren't all that spectacular. He goes over different variations of the same choke, which is nice, but set-up and counters are limited. The 'World' choke he demonstrates is really a Peruvian Necktie. He does show some very unorthodox arm triangles, particularly in the chapter of 'Submissions From Mount', and I suppose if you were to drill that and incorporate that into your game, it wouldn't hurt to pull those out. A decent DVD, particularly if you are into more unorthodox submissions, however, the steep price and the relatively small amount of use knowledge included makes this a buy only if you're a Aoki/Imanari fan.

dvd its greate!!!!!

im aoki and imanari fan and the dvd its greate!!!!!