Shinto Muso Ryu: Technical Skills Vol 3 by Kenji Matsui DVD

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The Shinto Muso Ryu practice system is based on a set of about 60 moves, whose main concern is to use the stick against swords. This DVD was made to record the traditional and true Shinto Muso Ryu for generations to come. The third volume follows its predecessor in recording Kage, Samidare, Shiaikuchi and the Uchidaryu Tanjojutsu.

Language: Japanese

Run time: 50 min.


Customer Reviews

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Ben C.
An excellent resource

The precision and expertise with which jo techniques are demonstrated here put decades of work on display. Although the video does not cater to English-language speakers, students of Shindo Muso Ryu will be able to get a great deal of instruction through careful observation. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Dirk Roeckmann