NoGi Grappling DVD with Katsuya Toida

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ADCC & Shooto fighter Katsuya Toida instructs an assortment of drills, sweeps, & submissions in this instructional DVD.
Chapters include:
Warm up exercises without using hands
Partner drills
Buttefly sweeps
Taking the back from butterfly

Submissions from the bottom:
Sweep standing opponent and heel hook
TK Scissors heel hook
Sweep standing opponent to achilles lock
Sweep standing opponent to toehold
Sweep standing opponent to kneebar
Armbar from guard
Omoplata from guard
Guillotine from guard
Butterfly sweep to heel hook
Butterfly sweep to armbar
Armdrag to rear naked choke
Armdrag and armbar from guard
Staying safe with opponent in your guard 1
Staying safe with opponent in your guard 2
Staying safe with opponent in your guard 3
Armbar from guard
Butterfly sweep and mount
Defend heel hook and mount
Defend straight ankle lock and mount
Get up and takedown 1 (single leg)
Get up and takedown 2
Advanced Grappling Techniques
Scissors takedown and heel hook
Guillotine transition to the back
Katsuya special
Advanced arm triangle
Guard pass to neck crank
Side control to darce choke
North south choke to dragon sleeper
Highlights of Katsuya Toida fights
Combat Submission Wrestling

ADCC Japan Trials 2007

Language: Japanese

Length: 111 min.