Keith Owen Favorite Moves Vol 1 DVD - Budovideos Inc
Keith Owen Favorite Moves Vol 1 DVD - Budovideos Inc
Keith Owen Favorite Moves Vol 1 DVD - Budovideos Inc
Keith Owen Favorite Moves Vol 1 DVD - Budovideos Inc
Keith Owen Favorite Moves Vol 1 DVD - Budovideos Inc

Movimientos favoritos de Keith Owen Vol. 1 DVD

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Un nuevo DVD instructivo de Jiu Jitsu brasileño. Dirigido a practicantes de BJJ con habilidades básicas, este DVD lo llevará a través de sumisiones, contraataques y escapes únicos.

Este increíble DVD cubre una amplia variedad de posiciones que incluyen montura para sentarse, control lateral, montura S, posición de tortuga y norte sur. Este DVD le brindará una nueva página para su libro de jugadas de BJJ.
americana desde abajo
mostrador americano
Contador americano (roll under)
Se rompe la barra del brazo
Defensa con barra de brazo en guardia
Defensa con barra de brazo (girar hacia abajo)
Montaje trasero abatible hacia la barra del brazo
Montaje posterior lateral americana
Barra de brazo giratorio de montaje trasero
cortador de bíceps
Gi estrangulador desde arriba
pase de guardia
Pase de guardia (puño en la barbilla)
Defensa de guillotina
Barra de brazo de medio montaje
defensa kimura
Bloqueo de hombro desde la guardia
Bloqueo de hombro desde la guardia (rodilla sobre el estómago)
Estrangulador brabo de control lateral
Barra del brazo de control lateral (espinilla en la garganta)
Rollo del puente de control lateral
Compresión de cadera con control lateral
Bloqueo de hombro de control lateral
Montaje sentado cuatro subflujo
Contadores de defensa de tortugas

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
mikhail bogdanovskiy
This is a fairly good dvd.

This is a fairly good dvd. first and foremost these (vol 1 and 2)are relatively inexpensive for instructionals. some of the moves he showed were kind of basic and common sense like the guillotine defence, the darce from side control,the arm crush from spiderweb, baiting youre opponent with the papercut choke to pass his guard etc. however he also showed a lot of cool moves that i never seen before like the armbar from a poition that saulo ribeiro calls the runningman,a gi choke from side control, sitting mount, american counters etc. he exlains all the techniques very well. also its worth mentioning that hes nowhere near as technical as saulo ribeiro or damien maia or marcelo garcia so dont expect anything too incredible or flashy or anything amazingly insightful just a bunch of simple moves. one more thing that i hoped for were how to protect yourself from the turtle position which i figured would be included in the turtle defense counters section but those instead showed a bunch of back attacks i have no idea why they named it so confusingly. for their price volume 1 and 2 are a must buy.

anthony alfreda
Mr Owen does a great job

Mr Owen does a great job of showing techniques he really likes that you may not have been shown or forgot about, a very good series by a very good instructor- plus he's under Pedor Sauer so you know he's ligit

Johnny Boy
I agree with Balcom on this one

I agree with Balcom on this one. There are better discs and sets out there.

K McMurray

AWESOME DVD. Keith shares a lot of really cool (and sneaky) moves that will catch your opponent off guard. If you have the fundamentals down these moves should improve your game a lot. The most interesting part for me was the submission counters. Keith doesn't just show you how to escape the sub but how to counter it and apply a sub of your own. Really nice to see some Rickson lineage stuff. Here's hoping he comes out with a volume 2!!

Balcom Fantroy
DVD is fiar at best

In all honesty, this DVD is fiar at best. There is no S-Mount in the DVD despite the description of the DVD, and the DVD is very unorganized. Alot of the moves are lacking technical detail that would make them functional, and alot of the moves are "out there", if you get what I mean. It'd be great if it were being sold for like $10 bucks though.