Isshin Ryu Karate 10 DVD Set by Angi Uezu.

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Isshin Ryu Karate master Angi Uezu instructs in this informative video on the art.

Vol 1: Isshin Ryu Fundamentals: -Stances, blocks, punches, kicks, conditioning and more.

Vol 2: Isshin Ryu Katas Vol 1: Seisan, Seiunchin, Naihanachi.

Vol 3: Isshin Ryu Katas Vol 2: Wansu, Chinto, Sanchin.

Vol 4: Isshin Ryu Katas Vol 3: Kusunku, Sunsu.

Vol 5: Isshin Ryu Bo Katas: Tokumine no kun bo, Urashi bo, Shishi no kun no dai bo

Vol 6: Isshin Ryu Sai Katas: Kusunku sai, chatanyara sai, bo sai kumite.

Vol 7: Isshin Ryu Sparring

Vol 8: Isshin Ryu Self Defense Part 1

Vol 9: Isshin Ryu Self Defense Part 2

Vol 10: Isshin Ryu History

Customer Reviews

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Keith Kramer
Isshinryu Karate 10 DVD set by Angi Ueza

Outstanding instruction for this very effective method of self defense, physical fitness and confidence training. Well worth the price.

Charles Todd

Haven’t received it yet.

Jonathan Archer

Isshin Ryu Karate 10 DVD Set by Angi Ueza

Dustin Bunnell
Isshin Ryu is superb.

Master Uezu's Isshin Ryu is superb. This set includes all requirements to 3rd Degree Black Belt, I believe. All forms are detailed with slow motion, multiple angles, step by step instruction and applications! This is one of the most comprehensive series available on the art of Isshin Ryu by one of the world's leading authorities!