Hybrid Jiu Jitsu 2 DVD Set by Marcos Souza & Roberto Satoshi Souza

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champs, Marcos Souza & Roberto Satoshi bring you their best moves in this "HYBRID JIU JITSU" 2 Disc DVD set by Bull Terrier.

If you like the Souza brothers, you definitely can't miss this chance to own it!!

 Special exclusive content includes their Interview, matches and seminar's video. 

Collecting contents:


*Standing position
1.Take down from low single leg tackle
2.Double leg take down to back position and finish in leg drag position...etc

*Pass guard
1.Pass guard against sitting guard
2.Pass guard against half guard with knee inside
3.Pass guard and take back against half guard
4.Cartwheel pass guard
5.Take mount position from waist-controlled pass guard...etc

*Leg drag
1.Leg drag pass gaurd
2.Set trap to have leg drag pass
3.Leg drag pass from cartwheel against inverted guard...etc

*Toreada pass
1.Toreada pass against spider guard
2.Toreada pass against spider guard (variation)...etc

*Trick attack
1.Flying arm bar against spider guard
2.Foot lock against de la riva guard
3.From foot lock to knee bar against de la riva guard...etc

*Double guard
1.Foot lock from double guard
2.Berimbolo from double guard...etc

*New guard
1.Modified sweep from half spider guard
2.Modified X-guard to take down from half spider guard...etc

1.Collar choke from side position to finish the choke
2.Take back to modified back choke against turtle position
3.Leg choke from side position
4.Roll and modified choke from back position...etc


*Standing position
1.Arm drag attack from standing position
2.De la riva sweep from standing position
3.Flying triangle...etc

*Close guard
1.Satoshi style triangle choke from close guard
2.From armbar to elbow lock in close guard
3.Wrist lock from close guard
4.Counter sweep when opponent breaks the close guard and step in with the knee...etc

*Open guard
1.Triangle choke from open guard
2.Take back from open guard (with variation)
3.Side sweep from reverse de la riva
4.Rotate triangle choke from reverse de la riva
5.Kiss of the dragon sweep from de la riva...etc

*New guard
1.Elevator sweep from modified X-guard
2.Knee bar from modified X-guard
3.Take down from modified X-guard...etc

*Pass Guard
1.Pass guard counter from de la riva and berimbolo
2.Front roll pass guard when opponent has a soft guard
3.Pass guard against de la riva 2...etc

*vs Half guard
1.Take back counter against half guard
2.Take mount position against half guard
3.2 attacks against half guard...etc

Language: Portuguese with Japanese subtitles

Length: 3 hours and 35 min.