Hiko Ryu Taijutsu Shiraha Dori DVD by Koshiro Tanaka

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Hiko Ryu Taijutsu Shiraha Dori DVD by Koshiro Tanaka

In this instructional, Hiko Ryu founder Koshiro Tanaka teaches empty hand disarming techniques against knife & sword wielding opponents.
Chapter listing:

Kihon Sabaki
Chudan Tsuki
Hidari Ashi Hidari Te Barai(Mae) 
Hidari Ashi Hidari Te Barai(Ushiro)
Hidari Ashi Hidari Te Barai(Migi)
Hidari Ashi Hidari Te Barai(Hidari)
Hidari Ashi Hidari Te Barai(Ue)
Migi Ashi Migi Te Barai
Hidari Ashi Migi Te Barai
Migi Ashi Hidari Te Barai
Furi Oroshi
Migi Ashi Hidari Te Hiji Otoshi
Migi Ashi Hidari Te Hiji Hiki
Migi Ashi Osoto Hidari Shuto Mune Uchi
Migi Ashi Uchi Fumikomi Hidari Te Hiji Otoshi
Migi Gamae Tuski Kiri
Hotate Sakamaki
Hiji Ori 
Junbi Undo
Koshi Kiri
Fukuro Shinai / Tsuki
Fukuro Shinai / Furi Oroshi
Fukuro Shinai / Kesa
Irimi / Eri Kuikomi Teono
Irimi / Kata Tsukami Hanmi Iri
Irimi / Age Uke
Irimi / Gyoei 
Mokuroku Waza
Kata Ate Hiji Ori
Kata Ate Katsugi Hiji Ori
Kote Maki Otoshi
Hiki Nage
Oshi Nage
Makikomi Otoshi
Tate Yoko Enpi
Oura Otoshi
Uchi Hiji Gatame
 Kote Gaeshi 
Kote Maki Otoshi(Ura)
Kote Garami Sakamaki
Kake Sute
Kentei Bari
Yumi Gatame
Ude Hishigi Juji Gatame
Totsu / Sakotsu Ori 

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 88 min.