Cobrinha Jiu-jitsu Vol 1 DVD with Rubens Charles

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Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles demonstrates more than 50 of his unique variations of techniques that took him to Gold at the 2006 Jiu Jitsu world championships.

Although the techniques look familiar, the variations shown are unique and will take your jiu jitsu to new levels.

Over 50 techniques!

Omo plata Set up
Omo Plata from Cross Guard set up
Oma Plata Variation 1
Oma Plata Variation 2
Oma Plata Variation 3
Omo Plata Sweep
Oma Plata to taking the back
Omo Plata to Arm Bar
Omo Plata Sweep
Omo Plata to Triangle
Cross guard to lapel grip armbar
Cross guard to taking the back
Cross guard to armlock
Half guard to Omo plata
Half guard hook sweep
Hook Seep Variation 1
Hook Seep Variation 2
Hook Seep Variation 3
Spider Guard
Spider Guard Sweep 1
Spider Guard Sweep 2
Spider Guard Sweep 3
Spider Guard to Omo Plata Sweep 1
Spider Guard to Omo Plata Sweep 2
Spider Guard to Omo Plata Sweep 3
Spider Guard to Cobrinha Sweep
Spider Guard to Armbar
Spider Guard to Triangle
Spider Guard to omoplata
Spider Guard Sweep set up to single let go guard pass Variation 1
Spider Guard Sweep set up to single let go guard pass Variation 1
Butterfly guard to standing omoplata
Butterfly guard to guard to standing hook sweep
Butterfly guard to jumping triangle
Spider Guard pass variation 1
Spider Guard pass variation 2
Spider Guard pass variation 3
Spider Guard pass variation 4
Spider Guard pass variation 5
Spider Guard pass via the half guard
Butterfly Guard Pass Variation 1
Butterfly Guard Pass Variation 2
Butterfly Guard pass to Omoplata
Butterlfy Guard Swep counter to guard pass
Acrobatic Guard Passing
Torreando cartwheeel pass
Butterfly guard pass
Half guard pass variation 1
Half guard pass variation 2
Half guard pass to omoplata
Halfguard pass to taking the back
The Mount
Mount to headstand lapel choke
Mount to armbar
Rearmount to lapel choke
Rolling clock choke
Side control to triangle
Capoiera Armbar from standing position.

Cobrinha demonstates his unique mount position drills with an aerobics ball and a live partner
Includes a sparring session with his partner Marco de Souza and a brief capoeira instruction.

Languages: Portuguese & Japanese

Although only in Japanese and Portuguese, the techniques are demonstrated in a manner that is easy to understand. Most BJJ practitioners with a few years experience can easily pick up the techniques.

About Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles:
Ruben Charles is a black belt under Fernando Terere (TT Jiu-jitsu) and won the 2006 Pro Jiu-jitsu X (featherweight class) over Cicero Costa in the finals. He won the 2005 America Golden Cup, and also took gold in the featherweight class of the 2006 BJJ world tournament in Brazil with a win over Marcio Feitosa in the finals.

Customer Reviews

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I don't know japanese and portuguese but I understand everything. Great!!

Michael Maio
great dvd and alot of awesome stuff on it.

great dvd and a lot of fun to see cobrihina in action. i would say for everyone to buy this dvd just to see him in action. this is one of the only dvd's left that show the moves of the great TT jiu jitsu team. great dvd and alot of awesome stuff on it.

Ron Jenkins
Twenty stars out five.

Twenty stars out five. Excellent production and quality in the techniques. I'm very impressed. Highly recommended.