Classical Logic of the Last Traditional Goju-ryu Kempo Book & DVD Vol 1

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Chapter listing:


-Karate to ha
-Naha shu to ha
-Higaonna Hiroshi ryou to naha shu
-Naha shu to tsuyoshi yawara ryu (toguchi kei no nagare)
-Gata to ha
-Katachi to bunkai (gumi shu to katachi)
-Kata to kai sai ( ura bunkai )
-Kata to totte
-Kata to meishou
-Kata to kuden

Tsuyoshi Yawara Ryu to yobi undou
-Shijimi to ukimi
-Tekubi no juunan undou to totte
-Shu no juunan undou to kyouka undou

Hojo undou to tsuyoshi yawara ryuu
-Tei ichi kihon tsuki
-Tei ichi kihon uchi
-Tei ichi kihon keri
-Tei ichi kihon uke

Gekisai dai 1
-Gekisai dai 1
-Kaisetsu to ura bunkai
-Gekisai dai 2
-Gekisai dai 2
-Kaisetsu to ura bunkai

Sai faa
-Sai faa
-Kaisetsu to ura bunkai

Language: Japanese
Softcover book
214 pages
58 min DVD