Bokuden Ryu Iai Heiho DVD with Kuniyuki Kai

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The name of Tsukahara Bokuden has been preserved in history as a sword saint. He made training pilgrimages around Japan, teaching sword techniques.Because of this, Bokuden Ryu schools with varying content exist around the country. Of these, the Bokuden Ryu handed down to the Matsushiro Han of modern-day Nagano Prefecture was a varied Bujutsu, combining Kenjutsu, Sojutsu, Jujutsu, etc. Through the long years, this Bokuden Ryu was passed down to one martial artist,Kai Kuniyuki Taishin.He studied Karate from age 13, pressing on in pursuit of martial arts. He continues to pursue various martial arts, with the belief that Budo is one. A major characteristic is it’s emphasis on deriving cutting power from changing footwork.
Chapters include:

Sashi Ai
Enbi Kiridome

Chudan Nuki Gata Jo no Nuki
Sokuzato Hidari
Sokuzato Migi
Nukigata Sayu
Nukigata Shiho
Shihozume Nuki (Shiho Barai)
Mata Shihozume no Nuki

Kojo Gokui
Waki Nito Omote Gata
Waki Nito Henka 1
Waki Nito Henka 2
Muko Nito Kihon Gata
Muko Nito Henka
Shihozume Harai
Shiho Nuki Kihon Gata
Shiho Nuki Henka

Hayanuki Ho(Kihon)

Kuden Nuki)
Shinobi Nuki
Ichi Haya Soku
Ni Haya Soku

Itto Muhen 7 dan
Itto Muhen
Gyaku Kiriage Muhen
Suihei Muhen
Itto Muhen Henka
Gyaku Kiriage Muhen Henka
Suihei Muhen Henka
Fukugo Tanren Ho

Issun Sanjaku no Koto(Kodachi no Waza)
Issun Sanjaku no Koto
Issun Sanjaku no Koto Beppo
Issun Sanjaku no Koto 2
Issun Sanjaku no Koto 2 Beppo
Issun Sanjaku no Koto 3
Issun Sanjaku no Koto 3 Beppo
Issun SanJaku no Koto 4

Sanjaku Issun no Koto
Sanjaku Issun no Koto 1
Sanjaku Issun no Koto 2
Sanjaku Issun no Koto 3


Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 62 min.