The Grappling Club Master Book by Gene LeBell (Preowned)
The Grappling Club Master Book by Gene LeBell (Preowned)

The Grappling Club Master Book by Gene LeBell (Preowned)

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This is the world's first complete book ever written on grappling with a club. The club (baton) and side handle club (tonfa) are uniquely used as an extension of your arms and as a grappling aid.

No stranger to firsts, Gene LeBell was the A.A.U. Heavyweight and Overall Class Judo Champion in 1954 and again in 1955, long before Judo became an Olympic sport or enjoyed worldwide popularity.

From 1955-1981, "Judo" Gene LeBell was a major titleholder in professional wrestling, long before it became the rage it is today.

In the early 1960s, LeBell was a pioneer in ultimate fighting by defeating world-rated light-heavyweight boxer Milo Savage in a winner-take-all match in Savage's hometown.
Twenty years later, he was the only one qualified to referee the match between Muhammad Ali and Japanese wrestling champ, Antonio Inoki, in Tokyo.

LeBell has been a movie stuntman for over 40 years. As a fall guy and specialist in motorcycle stunts, he developed an early "kill-switch" and stressed cross-training to the likes of Bruce Lee in the early Green Hornet days.

With the proliferation of police brutality cases, Gene LeBell reveals his unique method to easily control and restrain a suspect without striking a blow.

This book is a must for law enforcement, bodyguards, bounty hunters, military personnel and martial artists who want to learn the full scope and possibilities of a weapon.


  1. Holding the Club and Proper Club Stance
  2. Body Parts Commonly Used for Self Defense
  3. Blocking the Suspect's Strikes & Kicks Using the Club
  4. Slap & Catch Using the Club
  5. Go Behinds Using the Club
  6. Controlled Come Alongs Using the Club
  7. Takedowns & Throws Using the Club
  8. Straight & Bent Arm, Wrist, Elbow& Shoulder Holds
  9. Leg Locks, Back Locks & More Using the Club
  10. Chokes, Neck Locks & More Using the Club
  11. Hold Downs Using the Club
  12. Controlling an Uncooperative Suspect in a Car on on a Motorcycle Using the Club
  13. Controlling an Extremely Violent Man During Dire Circumstances Using the Club
  14. The Falcon Hood Control

320 pages

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