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Tendo Ryu Naginatajutsu DVD by Yasuko Kimura

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Unlock the ancient art of "handling" with precision and rigor, offering insights valuable not only to naginata competitors but to martial arts practitioners worldwide. Originally revered as a formidable battlefield weapon, naginatajutsu demands meticulous bodily control, making its theoretical framework applicable across diverse martial disciplines even in modern times, evidenced by its burgeoning international following.


◎ Tendō-ryū Martial Arts Techniques


  • Ichimonji no Ran
  • Seishi Wakidome
  • Daisha Ran
  • Kazeguruma Koishigaeshi no Ran
  • Iwakurashi Kaikeru
  • Iwakurashi Tantodome
  • Tsutsume
  • Koshiguruma Ran
  • Suishuruma
  • Hoshiran
  • Ryodan no Ha
  • Gyokusuri
  • Mukyoku Fue-dome
  • Kyoshuu Tsurugi


  • Goho
  • Shibabiki
  • Toguchi
  • Goho Kaeshi


  • Lower Mudra

[Two Swords]

  • Yin no I
  • Nami Kaeshi
  • Tesura Tsurugi no Daiji


  • Lion's Hole Entry
  • Throwing a Ball

◎ Etiquette and Stance


  • Orishiki (Naginata, Cane, Two Swords, Kusarigama)
  • Standing Bow
  • Deepest Bow


  • Naginata (Ipponsugi no Kama, Armaki no Kama, Ichimonji no Kama, Itsutsuki no Kama, Hachisou no Kama, Seishin no Kama, Muhen no Kama)
  • Tachi (Wearing a Sword, Blue Eyes no Kama, Open Jodan no Kama, Kasumi Jodan no Kama, Hachisou no Kama, Nakatori)

Instruction and Supervision

  • Kimura Kyoko (17th Headmaster of Tendō-ryū Naginata-jutsu)

Instruction and Support

  • Kimura Yuri, Kimura Mitsuru

About Tendō-ryū: Founded in 1581 (Tenshō 9) by Saito Hangan Denkibo, a disciple of Tsukahara Bokuden, Tendō-ryū is a comprehensive martial art encompassing techniques with a wide array of weapons, including naginata, swords, two swords, canes, kodachi, tanto, and kusarigama. Its forms are regarded as serious martial contests, characterized by dynamic techniques that adapt to and exploit opponents' movements through precise pushing, pulling, and thrusting with the naginata. Notable features include open hips and powerful leg crossings, enhancing the art's effectiveness and distinctiveness.

Language: Japanese

Length: 65 min.


Tendo Ryu Naginatajutsu DVD by Yasuko Kimura - Budovideos Inc

Tendo Ryu Naginatajutsu DVD by Yasuko Kimura

Regular price $56.00 CAD
Regular price $84.00 CAD Sale price $56.00 CAD

Customer Reviews

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Bruce Mitchell
Limited appeal

This video is more of a general overview of the art, and while it does have some specific instruction, overall it is thin on content. Public embu videos available online have a broader range of techniques demonstrated. The video features Kimura soke, her daughter, and her grandson and seems intended to lay the groundwork for succession rather than promote the art. Interesting only if you have a vested interest in the art.

Than you for the sincere review, Bruce!