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Systema Knife Master Class DVD with Vladimir Vasiliev

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Vladimir’s calm, precise, and devastating knife work is one of the reasons Systema is said to be “the fiercest fighting style on earth”. -Black Belt Magazine

Faced with a blade aggression, should you run?
If you can, yes.

But often, you cannot. You might be injured, restrained, in a tight space, or be with a family member, or be debilitated by your own panic.

In this film, evaluate your potential and develop supremacy of speed, precision, awareness, and emotional control.

Gain a calm psyche and agile body, combine relaxation with strong movement, establish the correct distance physically and psychologically, and defend from cuts, stabs, slashes of one or both knife-gripping hands, standing and from the ground.

Unique drills such as activation stabs, ripping your hand from a grip without cutting yourself, moving and surviving when unable to use your arms, and making your blade a powerful continuation of your arm.

Tremendous insights, drills, and demonstrations. Join Vladimir’s master class and be ready for complete and integrated control of a knife.

Running time: 1 hour 11 minutes