Striking the Tree Ninjutsu Self Defense DVD with Todd Norcross

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Join some of the Black Belt Instructors at The Dojo Martial Arts School, as they guide you through parts of their Level 1 Fundamentals of Self-Protection Program.

Japanese Budo Taijutsu does not merely rely on strength.  Any body type and any age can overcome larger opponent's with this effective system of Self-Defense.

Based off of nine lineages of Samurai and Ninja Budo (Ways of War), The Dojo teachers will guide you through the strikes, kicks, rolls and basic "Earth" techniques that made the ninja and samurai warriors of Japan famous.

The Dojo has been Rated #1 in Japanese Martial Arts since 2006.  The Dojo is not affiliated with any Ninjutsu organization, by choice.

This Instructional DVD is Approximately 2 hours in length.

Perfect for Self Defense enthusiasts and those looking for street-ready Ninjutsu techniques.

Customer Reviews

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Good Lessons

Sensei Todd Norcross is a fantastic presenter and teacher. Good tutorials on striking, kicking, falling rear attacks, grabs and punch defenses
in a nice dojo. I recommend this if you like ninjutsu and karate.