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Naginata DVD by Sueyoshi Akeshi

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The Naginata is a traditional weapon used by the feudal Japanese Samurais, similar to a spear with a curved blade. Its use is similar to that of the Katana and it is shorter than a Yari, for this reason you can execute more attacks and defenses, while it can also be used much faster and efficiently. In this new DVD, Master Akeshi will show in detail the 20 Kumidashi of Naginata and the 5 Kumidashi of the Kihon, these later ones will create a bridge between the Naginata and the Katana and will emphasize the similarities of both. These Kumidashi are executed with a Bokken that due to its weight will help awaken the dormant muscles that help in a decisive way the behavior and technical evolution of both weapons. The Naginata places all martial artists in a new scenario of distances, weights and mobility, and its study should be considered a priority for all who love Kobujutsu for it emphasizes the sensations, balance and strength, so that all may be managed with a harmonious flow.


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