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Intro to Naginata DVD by Isao Kato

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Delve into the profound world of Koryu Naginata, renowned since ancient times for its strength and elegance. Director Kato Isao of Shunpu-kan reveals invaluable insights and secret techniques that encapsulate the essence of true martial arts. Explore the rich history and techniques of Naginata, including the esteemed Yagyu Shinto-ryu and Shizuryu Naginata forms.


■ Introduction

  • An overview of the profound teachings and traditions of Koryu Naginata.

■ History of Naginata

  • Tracing the origins and evolution of Naginata as a formidable weapon and martial art.

■ Naginata Stances

  • Detailed explanation of essential stances: Seigan, Hakuso, Taki-Nagashi.

■ Characteristics of Naginata

  • Fundamental strikes and techniques:
    • Basic strikes
    • Cutting up from below
    • Spinning strikes from above with a stoning
    • Spinning strikes from below with a stoning
    • Waterwheel spinning

■ Naginata Forms (1)

  • In-depth exploration of traditional forms:
    • Yagyu Shinto-ryu Naginata
    • Shinkage-ryu Naginata "Enbi"
    • Shinkage-ryu Naginata "Smashing" (variation technique)

■ Naginata Forms (2)

  • Continuing the study of forms:
    • Shizuryu Naginata (Jizaiken)
    • Various stances: Upper, Middle, Lower, Left, Right

■ Shunpu-kan Naginata

  • Insights from Director Kato Isao:
    • Commentary on techniques and philosophy
    • Director Kato's secret techniques: Use of small techniques, strategies against left sword and spear

Supervision ◎

  • Kato Isao, 13th Master of Yagyu Shinkage-ryu Martial Arts, Director of Shunpu-kan:
    • An esteemed authority in Koryu Naginata, dedicated to preserving and advancing its traditions.
  • Instructor/Supervisor ◎
  • Akabane Tatsuo, Head of Shunpu-kan Kanto Branch:
    • A respected practitioner and instructor in Yagyu Shinkage-ryu, Enmei-ryu, and Owari Ningyu spearmanship, fostering martial arts excellence in Kamakura, Yokosuka, Fujisawa, and Yokohama.


Run time: 60 min.

Language: Japanese


Intro to Naginata DVD by Isao Kato - Budovideos Inc

Intro to Naginata DVD by Isao Kato

Regular price $56.00 CAD
Regular price $82.00 CAD Sale price $56.00 CAD