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Intro to Makko Ho DVD by Masahiro Ono

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Awakening Your Body with Just Four Exercises!

Awaken Your Body with Just Four Exercises Transform your hip joints in all directions!

The preparatory exercises performed before Aikido training are actually derived from "Makkoho Taiso," a health exercise regimen. This practice began in Showa 34 (1959) when the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, encountered Wataru Nagai, the founder of Makkoho. Impressed by his teachings and techniques, Ueshiba incorporated these exercises into Aikido's preparatory routines.

The core principle of these exercises is the simple yet profound movement of "raising and lowering" the hip joints. Beloved by martial artists worldwide, these exercises are integrated into daily practices, often unknowingly, bringing tangible benefits.


  1. Introduction to Makkoho

    • Explanation of the concept and origins of Makkoho.
  2. Basic Movements: "Raising" and "Lowering" Actions

    • Detailed explanation of the fundamental movements.
  3. First Exercise: Explanation and Supplementary Exercises

    • Step-by-step guide and additional supporting exercises for better practice.
  4. Second Exercise: Explanation and Supplementary Exercises

    • Detailed instructions and supplementary movements to enhance effectiveness.
  5. Third Exercise: Explanation and Supplementary Exercises

    • Comprehensive breakdown and supplementary exercises to aid practice.
  6. Fourth Exercise: Explanation and Supplementary Exercises

    • Complete guide and supporting exercises for thorough understanding.
  7. Practical Application of Makkoho Taiso

    • Practical demonstrations of the exercises, integrating them into daily routines.

Instructor & Supervisor: Public Interest Incorporated Association Makkoho Association

Instructor: Masahiro Ono
Masahiro Ono represents the only official organization dedicated to spreading "Makkoho" in Japan. Recognized as an incorporated association in 1969 and currently a public interest incorporated association, they have a broad membership spanning all ages across the country. Through workshops and lectures nationwide, they are dedicated to promoting and instructing the "correct Makkoho." Notable publication: "Move Differently with Makkoho!" (BAB Japan).

Language: Japanese

Length: 65 min.


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Luis Morales
Excellent way

I would be great if it had English subtitles. But fantastic dvd. Love it.