Hida Shiki Kyoken Jutsu Practical Methods DVD by Takahisa Tomita - Budovideos Inc

Hida Shiki Kyoken Jutsu Practical Methods DVD by Takahisa Tomita

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Hida-style Strengthening Technique, founded by the legendary figure Harumichi Hida, is a Japanese method aimed at achieving true health by harnessing inner strength through focused abdominal breathing and mental concentration. Developed without the need for equipment, it allows individuals to perform comprehensive exercises in a short span of time.

In the introductory DVD, viewers are introduced to the fundamental principles and correct bodily techniques outlined in the primary series. Mastering proper breathing techniques and precise execution from the first to the eleventh movement is crucial for achieving significant results. This approach activates vitality and unleashes latent capabilities through a rational development of mental and physical abilities.

Harumichi Hida (1883-1956), born in Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture, overcame extreme childhood frailty to revolutionize his physical and mental well-being at age 18. Through rigorous self-study of global physical disciplines, he devised unique training methods, achieving a robust physique after two years of intense training. In 1911, he introduced the Simplified Strengthening Technique, later dedicating himself to natural therapies and gaining national acclaim for his contributions. His insights, including the essence of Central Core and absolute perfection in Natural Body Rest Posture after a 49-day complete fast in 1956, further solidified his legacy.

DVD Content:

Three Major Factors in Acquiring the Absolute Center

  • Methods for Training the Internal Organs (Breathing Method)
    • Method of Promoting Abdominal Pressure
    • Ribs Expansion Method
    • Chest and Abdominal Breathing Method
  • Methods for Training the Internal Organs
    • Method of Training Center of the body on the ground (Holy Cross-shaped training method)

Principles of Kan'i Kyoken Jutsu (Simplified Strengthening Technique) The Movement of Kan'i Kyoken Jutsu

  • First Movement: Calf Muscles Training Method
  • Second Movement: Femoral Biceps Training Method
  • Third Movement: Quadriceps Training Method (male and female)
  • Fourth Movement: Oblique Abdominals Training Method
  • Fifth Movement: Latissimus Dorsi Training Method
  • Sixth Movement: Pectorals Training Method
  • Seventh Movement: Deltoids Training Method
  • Eighth Movement: Triceps Training Method
  • Ninth Movement: Biceps Training Method
  • Tenth Movement: Forearm Training Method
  • Eleventh Movement: Method of Striking the Three Bones

Training of Kan'i Kyoken Jutsu


Takahisa Tomita (born 1949, Kagoshima Prefecture), who encountered Hida-style Strengthening Technique at age 30 and was deeply impressed by its effectiveness and depth. He established the Hida-style Strengthening Technique Research Society in 1985 and has since served as its chairman, dedicated to researching and promoting the technique.

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 106 min.


Hida Shiki Kyoken Jutsu Practical Methods DVD by Takahisa Tomita - Budovideos Inc

Hida Shiki Kyoken Jutsu Practical Methods DVD by Takahisa Tomita

Regular price $56.00 CAD
Regular price $82.00 CAD Sale price $56.00 CAD

Customer Reviews

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Another great DVD on Hida method

This material builds on the knowledge of the Introduction DVD. Excellent information very well and clear presented.
Dual images for better understanding, attention to detail in explanation and demonstration is impressive.
Looking forward to more materials from Tomita sensei, a book in English is definitely welcomed.
Budovideos is Budo best!
Thank you