Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu: Great Combat System of Masaaki Hatsumi DVD 1 by Norio Sakasai
Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu: Great Combat System of Masaaki Hatsumi DVD 1 by Norio Sakasai

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu: Great Combat System of Masaaki Hatsumi DVD 1 by Norio Sakasai

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Inheriting the Secret Techniques of Hatsumi Yoshiaki: Koryu Techniques Passed Down to the Present Day

Explore the profound world of Bujinkan martial arts, rooted in the teachings of Takamatsu Toshitsugu and inherited by Hatsumi Yoshiaki, renowned as the last master of ninjutsu. Sakai Norio, a distinguished figure in Bujinkan, presents practical insights into the striking techniques in this first volume of the series, focusing on the "Striking Techniques Edition."



  • Overview of Bujinkan martial arts
  • Systematization of old-style martial arts and ninjutsu
  • Legacy mastered by Takamatsu-sensei and handed down by Hatsumi-sensei


  • Basic stances and their significance:
    • Hiraichimonji no Ko and Ichimonji no Ko
  • Training insights into Takanomai and natural stances
  • Importance of the line of attack in strategy


  • Concept of face, line, and point in receiving techniques
  • Techniques for rounded and squared manner receptions
  • No-touching uke and mental distance control
  • Parrying techniques and coordination in reception


  • Techniques and strategies for aggressive uke:
    • Attack points against thrusts and kicks
    • Practice methods for Daken techniques
    • Concept of contact methods in Daken


  • Methods and strategies for thrusting techniques:
    • How to hold the ring fist
    • Basic methods for straight and reverse thrusts
    • Three-strike thrust techniques

Palm Strike

  • Coordination of thrusting arm and lower body in palm strikes
  • Basic and direct strike methods
  • Techniques for wave strikes

Sanshin no Kata

  • Overview of important basic striking forms:
    • Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Air forms
  • Demonstrations and usage variations for each form
  • Coordinated practice of Sanshin no Kata

Basic Eight Methods Kata①

  • Introduction to unique striking methods:
    • Overview and demonstrations of Ichimonji, Jumonji, and Asuka
  • Usage examples and transformations for each method
  • Coordinated practice of the three basic methods

Instructor Profile: Sakai Norio

  • 18th head of Hontai Takagi Yoshin-ryu Jutaijutsu
  • 16th head of Gikan-ryu Kotsujutsu
  • Bujinkan Mutotori "Menkyo," Bujinkan Daishihan

Instruction and Cooperation:

  • Ueki Takashi
  • Teruoka Kenta


  • Bujinkan Headquarters Dojo

Language: Japanese

Run time: 56 min.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

EXCELLENT! I played about 10 minute of dvd and was amazed about how smooth MR NORIO SAKASAI taijutsu was this is perfect training dvd.


Amazing that the price of these DVDs have nearly doubled

Phillip Williams
Wish it had subtitles

The video was done well and clear. Concise movement. I do wish it had the options of subtitles though. It was like being in the Hombu without an interpreter, and not being able to ask for assistance.

Phillip Legare
Great video!

Although I havent had a chance to review this video yet, I am sure it provides great insights into the budo taijutsu movements of the Bujinkan. Sakasai san is a lineage holder of two ko ryu schools. I have trained with him numerous times over the last 40 years and found him to be an outstanding teacher, martial artist and friend. Great Video!!

Matthew Cronin

Great service, thank you!