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Amazing Movements in Bujutsu DVD by Tetsuzan Kuroda

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This is the Art of Divine Speed A Comprehensive Demonstration by Modern Masters

"The speed of martial arts is not measured by visible swiftness."
(Tetsuzan Kuroda)

Master Tetsuzan Kuroda of Fushikaden, renowned for his "divine speed" and "disappearing movements". This DVD meticulously records his latest and highest-level techniques, which can be considered a culmination. Through multiple camera angles and smooth slow-motion footage, it delves into the pinnacle of martial physicality.


  • What is the Speed of Martial Arts?

Iaido Section:

  • Kiri tsuke (Cutting attachment)
  • Muko gake (Frontal engagement)
  • Yo no ken (Sun sword)
  • Shin no tachi (True long sword)
  • Koe nuki (Voice extraction)

Kenjutsu Section:

  • Kiri kaeshi (Returning cut)
  • Metsuke (Eye attachment)
  • Ashi kiri (Foot cut)
  • Tsuke komi (Attaching)
  • Rito ken (Effective sword)

Jujutsu Section:

  • Shichiri biki (Seven-mile draw)
  • Nodo uchi (Throat strike)
  • Ken kiri (Sword cut)
  • Muko zume (Front engagement)
  • Kabuto otoshi (Helmet drop)

Bojutsu Section:

  • Modori bane (Returning block)
  • Ushi no se (Cow lying down)

Naginata Section: ... Kachi iro (Victory color)

Demonstration & Supervision: Tetsuzan Kuroda (15th Generation Head of Fushikaden)
Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1950. Since childhood, he learned five traditional martial arts schools from his grandfather (Yasuharu Kuroda) and father (Shigeki Kuroda), eventually becoming the 15th generation head of Fushikaden. Recognizing forms as theory, he practices and instructs the methodology of movement found in ancient techniques that deny strength, earning high acclaim in the martial arts community.

Language: Japanese

Length: 64 min.