Top 6 Open Guard videos for beginners and advanced students.

Once you've closed your guard, purposely opening your guard can be a frightening experience for the beginner BJJ practitioner. We've compiled a list of our favorite Open Guard videos that will help you unravel the mystery that is the open guard to make your guard virtually dangerous and impassable.


1. Tinguinha's Open Guard for Beginners DVD
Although he didn't invent the open guard, Carlos Gracie Jr blackbelt, Mauricio "Tinguinha" is famously known for having one of the most prolific open guards. 
A good place to start when beginning your openg guard study is with the master of the spider guard, "Tinguinha"

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2. Fernando Terere - Favela Jiu Jitsu Sweeps 2 DVD Set
Terere is a legend in Sport BJJ and is widely known as the father of Modern BJJ. In this 2 DVD set, Terere shows some of his favorite competition sweeps from the open guard.

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Favela Jiu Jitsu Sweeps Fernando Terere

3. Dynamic De La Riva Guard DVD with Michael Langhi

2 time black belt world champion, Michael Langhi is one of the most talented and detailed instructors on the planet. Known for his incredible guard, he is also Cobrinha's first black belt. On this DVD, Langhi teaches every detail of his dangerous De La Riva game including sweeps, transitions to other guards, and submissions..

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Dynamic De La Riva Michael Langhi DVD

4. Dynamic Reverse De La Riva Guard DVD with Michael Langhi

The Reverse De La Riva guard is a new position that has become indispensable for the open guard BJJ player. On this ground-breaking DVD, world champion Michael Langhi teaches the how and why to use this guard, when to transition to a different guard, and how to sweep or submit your opponent. Bonus competition footage is also included!

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Dynamic Reverse De La riva Michael Langhi Video DVD

5. Dynamic Spider Guard DVD with Michael Langhi

The Spider Guard is the central component of all open guards and in this video Langhi will break it all down for you. Michael teaches basic concepts, sweeps, transitions, and submissions.

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Dynamic Spider Guard with Michael Langhi Video DVD

The Single Leg X Guard is a form of open guard used by world champions like Marcelo Garcia and Leandro Lo.
In this brand new 4 volume set BJJ black belt Stephan Kesting reveals his step-by-step formula for the Single Leg X Guard, including all the techniques and drills you need to get good fast.

Single Leg X guard Masterclass with Stephan Kesting


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