New Gis from Moya, new DVDs from Bernardo Faria, Stephen Whittier and more!

Serious about being able to CONTROL and SUBMIT more athletic opponents – without having to rely on physical attributes? This Is For You! 

Here's Just A Taste Of What "The Pillars: Side Control Mastery" Will Do For Your Game:
  • Shave weeks, months, even years off your learning curve
  • Develop or refine skills now that you can still perform and improve into your 60s and beyond!
  • Apply all those submissions you learned in your first month of Jiu-Jitsu, even against skilled opponents who know how to defend them
  • Build a high-level skill set without having to rely on fast scrambles, or strength, or overuse of grips Help you to understand exactly where and when you lose control so you can fix problem areas instantly
  • Learn how to setup and get the tap with only minimal adjustments from your pinning position
  • Develop a fundamentals-based skillset that will work with or without a gi
  • Feel like a true "Lead Blanket" (prepare to have training partners ask you if you've gained a bunch of weight!)
And a WHOLE LOT more!
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Learn The Fundamentals & Concepts That Have Allowed Bernardo Faria To Become One Of The Greatest Champions Ever To Step On A Mat – While Having Less Athletic Ability Than Almost Any Elite Competitor He Faced

Bernardo Has Become World Renown For Teaching Older Guys Because His Moves Require Almost Zero Strength, Speed or Flexibility At the end of the day, basics are what wins. If you are just starting in BJJ, your understanding and mastery of the basics are what will dictate your whole journey. If you are far down the road: blue belt or beyond, you may have missed a few steps and that could be what is causing you to struggle. You may need to relearn few things.

If you never master the basics, don’t even bother learning anything else, it probably won’t work.  Just as a house sits on its foundation, your advanced BJJ moves sit on the foundation of its basics. If the foundation isn’t strong, the house will crumble and your BJJ is the same way.
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Jiu Jitsu Finger Stretcher (2 Pack)

These high quality silicone finger stretcher are the perfect tool to rehab those worn out and aching jiujitsu fingers.
By reversing the normal gripping pattern, the finger stretcher can correct imbalances on individual fingers. Fingers can be strengthened with the resistance on expansion.
The finger stretcher was specifically designed to exercise the muscles and strengthen their expansion, bringing a natural balance back to your worn out spider guard fingers!

**Comes with 2 finger stretchers.

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Daito Ryu & Aikido Documentary DVD by Alain Guerrier
Boxing Defense DVD by Hiroshi Kawashima

Bujinkan Mutodori Chi DVD with Masaaki Hatsumi

Hakko Ryu Taiho Jutsu Vol 2 DVD
New Gis From Moya Brand
M4 Meretta Adult BJJ Gi By Moya Brand
Carbonado Adult BJJ Gi By Moya Brand


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