Jiu Jitsu Cradle with Bjorn Friedrich, Nogi Industries Rash Guards,25% off - See inside for details!


In this video series, BJJ black belt Bjorn Friedrich will show his BJJ approach to an old wrestling technique.

The cradle is a hold and control position that can be used in many different and versatile ways.

Bjorn will show you 7 different cradles and many leglocks, chokes, and transitions in other dominant positions like the mount or back mount.

This DVD will change your top game and the way you set up submissions forever!

 Volume 1:

  1. The seven Cradle variations
  2. Far leg outside Cradle (FLOC) – Mechanics and important points FLOC to to Darce Choke
  3. Darce to Anaconda (2 versions)
  4. FLOC to Near leg outside Cradle (NLOC)
  5. NLOC transition to the sitting Cradle
  6. Sitting Cradle to Straight kneebar or 411 Position
  7. Sitting Cradle to Triangle choke
  8. Sitting Cradle to Cruzifix / "Steamroller“
  9. NLOC to Darce choke
  10. NLOC to Arm Triangle choke
  11. FLOC Rolling Back Take

Volume 2:

  1. 50/50 Cradle
  2. 50/50 Cradle transition into Mount
  3. Far leg inside Cradle (FLIC) control
  4. FLIC to Calf Compression
  5. FLIC to 411 / Inside Heelhook
  6. Near leg inside Cradle (NLIC) to Darce choke NLIC transition to Mount Position
  7. NLIC transition to Backstep Cradle
  8. Backstep Cradle to 411 / Inside Heelhook Backstep Cradle to straight kneebar
  9. Butterfly Guard Cradle pass
  10. Knee Shield Cradle pass

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