TWIBJJ #72 with Felipe Fogolin from Triunfo MMA

Today's episode of This Week in BJJ features special guest Felipe Fogolin from Triunfo MMA.

Part 1:

Contents include:

-A review of "Into the Void" a unique Jiu-jitsu inspired art show produced by Shoyoroll.

-Results of the Abu Dhabi Pro 2015 World Championship

-New product: Newaza: Revealing the Secrets of Kosen Judo


-Q5 Product Giveaway!

Part 1 ends with an interview with Felipe Fogolin talking about:

-Being a black belt in both Judo and BJJ

-Why he prefers training BJJ over Judo

-His school Triunfo MMA


In part 2, Felipe shows how he likes to finish his opponents in nogi grappling - with the darce choke!


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