Adem Redzovic's Basically Escaping Side Mount (On Demand)

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"If you're flat you're dead, if you're on your side you're alive" - Adem Redzovic

Adem Redzovic is well known for his conceptual style of teaching. In this video he breaks down the most important concepts on surviving and escaping side control. He discusses the philosphy of side control escapes under two disting circumstances; Self Defense and Sport,

Contents Include:

  • How to deal with posture. Getting to the right position.
  • Essential Movements: Side to knees, Forearm to post knees, Double forearm post to knees, Hide your inner hip, Turtle guard transition
  • The Shield Philosophy
  • Underhook to stand up
  • Underhook to guard reset
  • The elbow push
  • Troubleshooing 1: Front Headlock early defense
  • Troubleshooting 2: D'arce choke counter
  • Changing the angle
  • Changing the angle to guard replacement

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Customer Reviews

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Hector Gutierrez Jr.

Love the material—Adem is very methodical about his teachings. Love it.

Jordan Parker

Adem Redzovic's Basically Escaping Side Mount (On Demand)

Big Jesse
Really Good!

This is a 5 star video, but with a 4 star price.
The video is exactly 30 minutes long, and covers 13 techniques in total. The techniques covered are...
Shield Position
Hiding the Inner Hip
Turtle Guard Transition
Double Forearm Post to Knees
Shoulder Post to Knees
Forearm Post to Knees
Under Hook to Knees
Under Hook to Guard
The Elbow Push
Changing the Angle to Scarf Hold
Changing the Angle to Guard
Counter to the Choke
Counter to the D'arce

This was an absolutely great instruction, with perfect execution. Ive never been taught to turn to a 'shield' position as described in this instruction. These absolutely great techniques for any belt level, but I thing White and Blue belts will benefit the most from this video.

The reason I'm rating it at 4 stars is because you are basically paying $1 a minute for this 30 minute video, and $2 per technique. Was it worth the buy? Yes. Should it be cheaper, Yes, much cheaper. I think $15-20 would have been more appropriate for the length and amount of material covered. But I do not regret buying it. I will just be hesitant about purchasing another 'on-demand' video at this price.

Adem Redzovic is a top notch Professor and instructor!

Game Changer

Just in awe of the simplistic beauty of this instructional. Opened up my eyes in new ways to see how I handle people on my side. Cant wait to get on the mats and implement this techniques. "keep your enemies close, and your elbows closer"

Awesome Instructional !!

The video is well paced and thorough covering an array of situations with attention to detail. Adem has a great way of conveying concept, technique and real-life application. The positions and moves can be utilized for both sport and self defense which is great.
Definitely worth a watch along with his "Open Guard Translated" video.