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The Elbow Weave Throw Series


Vladislav Koulikov is back! This time he's teaching you a full series of throws using the Elbow Weave. This highly effective set up easily gets your opponent off balance and with Vlad's expert level of details, you'll see the myriad of options available to you.

Chapter listing:

1. Intro / Getting the Grip

2. Posadka -Tani Otoshi

3. Lateral Drop -Uki Waza

4. Supplex - Ura Nage

5. Inside Knee Tap

6. Reverse Knee Tap

7. Kata Guruma

8. Ouchi Gake

9. Sasae Tsurikomi

10. Te Guruma

11. Sumi Gaeshi

12. Kawazu Gake

13. Duck Under Back Arch

14. Half Guard & Butterfly Sweep

Language: English

Length: 35 Minutes

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