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GB Encinitas, Gracie Barra, Nelson Monteiro -

Today's episode of This Week in BJJ provides: -My thoughts on the 2015 BJJ World Championships. -Jack Taufer's new series on "Invisible Jiu-jitsu" -An interview and technique with Nelson Monteiro who is a 6th degree black belt, runs Gracie Barra Encinitas, and was a key figure in the early days of ADCC. Here's part 1: And here's part 2:  

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bernardo faria, bjj, gracie barra, robert zeps, roy dean, studio 540 -

The topics for today's episode of This Week in BJJ are: -Big announcement from Gui Mendes -New Roy Dean Collection -Bernardo Faria new DVD release on Z-Guard. Instead of an interview, this time we have something a little different. We're featuring a speech given by Robert Zeps when he received his black belt in April 2015. Robert is a very important person in the BJJ community. Among other accomplishments, he is mostly known as the man behind Studio 540 - an incredible BJJ gym in Solana Beach, California. In his speech he talks about many interesting topics, including why he...

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encinitas, gracie barra, josh barnett, polaris, ryron gracie, street fighter -

On today's episode of This Week in BJJ I talk a little about: -Josh Barnett vs Ryron Gracie from Metamoris 6 -Polaris 1 is now available On Demand -4 matches announced for Polaris 2! -New officially licensed Street Fighter Nogi apparel available for preorder! -Interview with 2014 Masters World Champ Marcelo "Splinter" Here's part 1: In part 2, the interview continues and then Marcelo shows us a nice rolling toehold from when you're in someone's De la Riva guard. Then he shows a unique way to get out of a deep leg drag position. Here's part 2!  

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