TWIBJJ 91 with Tyler Bishop & Sarah Black!

On today's episode of This Week in BJJ:

Respect 2 Live PPV on Oct 17th!

16 superfights including Gianni Grippo vs Jeff Curran and Megaton vs Chris Haueter!

Watch live at budovideos.com/respect2

Another great event, the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam is on Oct 18th:

Watch the Grand Slam live at budovideos.com/grandslam

New instructionals this week include Matt Baker's 2 excellent videos now available On Demand:

Jiu-jitsu Lab Vol 1: Science of the Sitting Guard

Jiu-jitsu Lab Vol 2: Taking the Back & Sitting Guard Recovery

Also on today's show, Gracie Humaita black belt Tyler Bishop comes on to talk about what's going down at this weekend's Respect 2 BJJ event.

After that, 2015 black belt masters worlds champ Sarah Black comes on and we chat about:

-Her judo career

-Adapting Judo to BJJ

-Teaching women and children and Gustavo Dantas' academy

-BJJ mental coaching

Lastly, Sarah shows amazing ways she has adapted her Judo for BJJ. Don't miss these sweet throws!


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