TWIBJJ 85 with Geo Martinez

Today's guest on This Week in BJJ is 10th Planet Black Belt Geo Martinez. Geo has been hitting the competitions hard in the past couple of years winning EBI 1, EBI 2 and he recently submitted all of his opponents at the ADCC trials earning him a spot to compete at the ADCC 2015 world championships.

But before that, the news topics are:

-My new Vlog series on YouTube

-EBI 4 hits downtown LA this Saturday 8/15 and will be LIVE online, right here on budovideos.com

-The ADCC 2015 World Championships PPV will be LIVE on 8/29 & 8/30.

The 2 new products for this week are:


Damage Control custom mouthguards. You really should be wearing a mouth guard when you train. Keep those pearly whites intact!


Jits Grips- A great way to work on your open guard when you don't have a friend to train with.

Ok, here we go, here's part 1:

And here's part 2:



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