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In case you've been living under a rock, let me tell you about ADCC.  Lesser known as the Abu Dhabi Combat Club, ADCC is the premier Nogi Grappling event that has a world championship every 2 years in a different location. In 2015, the ADCC World Championship will be held in Manus, Brazil.

If you're already a BIG name in BJJ, you'll probably get an invite to compete in one of the 5 men's weight divisions or 2 women's weight divisions.

So what's an up and coming grappler supposed to do? Well, if the invite doesn't come, then there's only one option. Do the trials. In the US, there will be 2 trials for the 2015 Worlds. One on the East Coast and one on the West Coast.

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So here, I present to you, the details about the USA East Coast Trial:

In each event there will be 5 males and 2 females who (by winning gold) win an invite to compete in Manaus at the ADCC Worlds.

This East Coast trial is a 2 day event. Saturday is for the pros and Sunday is for the amateurs and beginners. There will also be a gi tournament on Sunday.

To clarify, only the gold medalists in the professional division on Saturday will win the invitation for the ADCC Worlds.

As soon as I hear about the West Coast trials I'll post something right here!

Have any questions? Just head over to adccamerica.com for more info.


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