Muae JSCA Dragon both form and function

Upon first looking at this gi, you may not know if you should wear it for training or hang it on you wall. Quite frankly, we wouldn't be upset if you did either. The inner print on this gi stunning. It's bright and beautiful and fantastically rendered. Plus it encompasses almost the entire inside of the gi. I can't imagine what is involved to be able to print something this large.

The print is a standard plasticol ink, similar to what is used to print on most tshirts. I'm sure over time, wear and wash, the print will begin to fade but I think that would just add to the appeal giving it an almost vintage patina. Other gis have tried the all over print approach but generally with a sublimated inner rashguard lining. With an ink print, the gi stays light and you can still feel the cotton underneath.

MUAE is relatively new brand out of Korea. I've met and trained with the owner, Kaden while he was out here in late summer. He's a black belt in BJJ and very passionate about BJJ and art.

They first made their entry to the scene about a year ago and made a huge impression on the BJJ community with their unique approach to BJJ gis. We had a hard time keeping them in stock which is quite remarkable considering most of our customers had never heard of the brand.

Along with being beautiful, the gi is quite functional. It includes both anti odor and anti microbial treatments as well as being pre shrunk.

The gi top is made from 550 GSM single weave. The inner print is silk screened while all other artwork hits are embroidered or embroidered patches. The lapel is made from a heavier than normal rip stop material.

The pants are 320 GSM twill with the drawstring made from the same material.

Like with previous releases from Muae, this is a limited edition release with a reported 500 units available worldwide. We do have a good supply of them and if history repeats itself, we don't expect to have them for too long.

If you'd like to get one to wear or hang on your wall, you can get one here:

The Dragon LE BJJ gi by Muae JSCA


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