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TWIBJJ Episode 50 - Kurt Osiander

This Week in BJJ returns with episode 50! Budo Jake reviews the KO finisher super fights and On Demand replay, info about the up and coming Shawn Williams DVD, new rules for black belts competing at the 2015 Worlds and the 2014 Pan Jiu Jitsu tournament and Pay Per View announcement. Plus, an interview with San Francisco's favorite, Kurt Osiander.

New Products include:


Dynamic De-La-Riva
by Michael Langhi

Dynamic Reverse De-La-Riva
by Michael Langhi

Dynamic Spider Guard
by Michael Langhi


Estima Lock by Victor Estima

Inverted Triangle by Victor Estima


The Black Belt Blue Print
by Nic Gregoriades

Combat X Trainer

The K.O. Finisher 2.0 - On Demand

And now Episode 50 of TWIBJJ with Kurt Osiander

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