Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Training DVD with Sifu Chow

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Sifu Chow, a native of Hong Kong has been studying and teaching Wing Chun for over 35 years. He trained in many styles, but discovered that Wing Chun has one of the best set of theories which can be developed into different ranges of fighting.

This is a program for both Wing chun practitioners and non Wing Chun practitioners. Understand the Wooden Dummy and how this magnificent piece of equipment can help you to develop proper body structure and coordinated techniques.

Techniques such as: Pak Da, Tan Fak, Guan Da, Bond Da etc. Sifu Chow also shows you how to follow a triangle stepping method to develop full power from your base. A subtle movement that makes a big difference. A must watch program before you start to practice on a Wing Chun Wooden Dummy.