Mastering Wing Chun 8 DVD Set by Augustine Fong.

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Master Augustine Fong instructs in this video on Wing Chun Kung Fu

Vol 1: Wing Chun Fundamentals

  • Footwork
  • Combining footwork
  • Punching techniques
  • Kicking techniques
  • Leg conditioning
  • Single sticky leg
  • Double sticky leg
  • Iron palm exercises
  • 1 inch punch
  • Chi meditation

  • Vol 2: Siu Lim Tao Form

    • Complete form history
    • Form applications
    • Single man techniques
    • Double man techniques

    Vol 3: Chum Kiu Form

    Complete form history and applications, plus Lop Sau, single sticky hands.

    Vol 4: Biu Gee Form

    • Complete form history
    • Form applications
    • Asking hands
    • 2 man sticky hands
    • 3 man sticky hands
    • Lop Sua

    Vol 5: 108 Mok Yan Jong Form

    • Wooden dummy presentation
    • Wooden dummy basic techniques
    • Wooden dummy advanced techniques
    • Traditional Wing Chun wooden dummy form

    Vol 6: Weapons

    • Wing Chun Bok Jam Do staff
    • Butterfly swords

    Vol 7: Sparring

    • Asking hands
    • Blocking asking hands
    • Single sticky hands
    • Double sticky hands
    • Single sticky leg
    • Double sticky leg
    • Blocking and countering asking hands
    • Free sparring

    Vol 8: History, Concepts & Philosophy

    Wing Chun History, Concepts, & Philosophy in a question and answer seminar format


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Thom Thomas
    Know what you are buying

    this is a dvd copy of an old VHS series, as such, the quality leaves much to be desired. However, the content is good and it presents a comprehensive overview of Augustine's style of wing chun

    Panos Georgiou

    Great Master to learn from in person.
    Great Videos to have.

    Jose Olivas
    Title was fine defective product.

    Received 8 disk set. Quality is poor. I understand it’s an old product, but it’s like a copy of a copy. It actually may have been a VHS to DVD conversion. Two of the 8 disks were defective. Budovideos is working on sending replacements for the bad disks. Will see how those go.