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Unf*ck Your Jiu-Jitsu by Malachy Friedman (On Demand)

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There are techniques and then there are the little details that really make them work. Ignore them and you jiu-jitsu is f*cked!

44 chapters full of intricate details the like of which only Malachy can deliver!

  1. Passing the guard
  2. Passing the de la riva guard
  3. Knee slice concept
  4. Sao Paulo pass
  5. Sao Paulo tourniquet
  6. Pass closed guard Sao Paulo
  7. Half guard Def dead toes reverse
  8. Half guard def live toes knee slice
  9. Basic spider
  10. Pass spider lasso
  11. Half guard pass re-derict X
  12. RDLR shuck hook pass
  13. RDLR stop inversion knee
  14. DLR grip strip jerk
  15. Deep half back pocket pass
  16. Deep half to knee slide back take
  17. The real way to underhook
  18. Pass closed guard tanner tilt
  19. The butt sweep
  20. The sweed sweep
  21. Defense to standing guard
  22. Dental floss bump
  23. Okie dokie sweep
  24. Reverse half concepts
  25. Reverse half kick sweep
  26. Half guard defense from knee shield
  27. Half guard defense from knee shield variation 2
  28. Half guard defense variation 1
  29. Half guard defense variation 2
  30. The Shaolin sweep
  31. Shaolin sweep variation
  32. The Shaolin sweep cheat counter
  33. Octopus sweep
  34. Basic bitch Leo Vieira
  35. Back defense
  36. Back escape
  37. Body triangle
  38. Flattened clock from dead turtle
  39. Fatman trap
  40. No hook twister back take
  41. Save seat push pull back hook
  42. Half guard to octo guard sweep
  43. Turtle escape concepts
  44. Turtle twister

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