Ultimate Street Fighter 4 DVD Set by Ricardo De La Riva (Preowned) (SIGNED)

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This series stars World Champion and legendary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Ricardo De La Riva. Learn all of the hottest Vale Tudo, Submission Grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques on one incredible DVD series. Ricardo is joined by Black Belt and student Alarrelo Grosso to help teach these incredible moves and lighting strategies. Learn the techniques from one of Brazil's greatest fighters, legendary Ricardo De La Rival This is one of the largest single DVD sets on the market with 10 full volumes!

Volume I: Takedowns
Learn to defend punches and kicks and take any opponent down in a street
fight. Single leg, double leg takedowns and many more.
Volume 2: Guard Passing
Multiple guard passes for the street and no holds barred fighting. A great video!
Volumes 3 & 4: Side Control and Knee on Chest
Two of the very best videos ever made on the subject. Ricardo shows how to
bust up and submit the opponent from both of these effective positions!
Volume 5: The Mount
Everything about mount fighting and submissions. Learn new ways to control
from the mount and finish the fight!
Volume 6: The Closed Guard
Learn to control and submit any opponent from the closed guard. This is a
must have for street fighting,
Volume 7: Open Guard
Learn to control, sweep and submit your opponent from the open guard.
Another great video!
Volume 8: Leg locks
Tons of devastating leg locks from every position! One of the best leg lock
videos ever made!
Volume 9: Self Defense
Learn all of the top Brazilian Sell-Defense techniques from the master himself!
Volume 10: Headlock Escapes
This is the top headlock escape videos on the market. Learn headlock escapes
from standing and on the ground!

**Both DVDs are signed by Ricardo De La Riva

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