Systema: Defense Against Weapons DVD with Vladimir Vasiliev

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The subject of Vladimir's new DVD is something all fighters (and everyone looking for maximum self-defense protection) desperately wants... How To Disarm An Opponent With A Weapon, including multiple attackers. As cops, special agents and streetfighters know, almost all attacks in the real world involve multiple opponents - the "bad guys" will do anything to put ALL the odds in their favor, including jumping you without warning, putting a knife to your throat from behind, sticking a gun in your back, and surrounding you with their buddies

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to install special "body intelligence" in your system (as easily as installing new software in your computer)... so your very first reactions when you see a knife will be the ones you NEED to take! (And you'll never freeze up, because, with Vladimir's help, you've "been here before" and know what to do, instinctively.)
  • What the reality of fighting someone armed with a knife is - what to really expect to happen, all the "x" factors involved in your next move, what your "best chance" moves are! (Critical stuff for anyone who wants to survive and win in this potentially lethal situation.)
  • How to disarm a frontal assault with a knife... without using your hands! (Often, when attacked, you won't have time to set up even the most basic defense stance, or even get your hands up to parry the blow... but you CAN still react in a way that will not only save you from being struck, but disarm the attacker at the same time! Amazing move you've never seen before...)
  • How to turn the tables on an attacker who has put a knife to your throat! (The trick here is to use "counter-intuitive" fighting knowledge... which will end with the attacker actually harming himself in the next split second!)
  • How to handle the 2 most dangerous "bargaining positions"! (When you're being held up, and he's demanding something from you, or about to take something from you - at worst, your wife, girlfriend or child -and you have a second to consider your move... THIS is what you want to do!)
  • How to deal with multiple attackers, all armed with knives! (Amazing technique that actually turns their numbers against them! Must see this to believe it!)
  • How to defend against a bat, club, car antenae, pool cue, etc.! Including, how to absorb a surprise blow with your body (and move through it to take out the attacker)-exactly as it happens every night in pool halls and alleys across the nation - and how to use every ounce of energy your attacker expends coming at you back against him (a stunning move that will end the fight immediately)... how to cause him to hit himself (usually in his own crotch) after he attempts to hit you with an overhead blow (how to stay in lethal range no matter what weapon he's coming at you with (and thus re-take the advantage)... plus: how to deal with jabs, side swings, angled and overhead thrusts of a bat or club! (All very important.)

What's more, there's an entire section on this DVD concerning being attacked with a gun:

  • How to "surrender" by sticking your hands to a very certain height in the air, thus hiding your actions that will disarm your attacker in the next second!
  • How to disarm an armed attacker even when your arms are being held from behind! (Easy to learn technique, never seen here in US fighting!)
  • How to act quickly, without confusion, in the critical moments before your attacker can decide to pull the trigger!
  • And more. There's even a section on how to fight from a sitting position (typical in bars, theatres, sudden home break-ins), where your attacker believes he has ALL the advantages (Even if he's armed).
  • And more...

91 min.

Customer Reviews

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Rainer Dittebrand
A New Inspiration ! Germany !

This DVD was a new inspiration for me for principle based movement in martial arts and training possibilitties for it. I`ve been practicing martial arts for 40 years and unfortunately discovered something like this a little late. But I am still learning and I am changing my movement patterns. I am a Wing Chun Teacher.