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Sh*t Your Instructor Never Showed You by Malachy Friedman (On Demand)

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3 HOURS of Deep Diving: Submission Offense and Defense. No concept, principle, tactic, or mechanical detail left out. 

Over 50 chapters full of intricate details the like of which only Malachy can deliver!

  1. Ladder armbar kill the hitchhiker
  2. Armbar thumb concept
  3. Karate chop break
  4. It's not a gogo
  5. Hulk Mania Filho armbar
  6. Lean back mounted armbar
  7. Mounted armbar makeshift spider
  8. The wizards web
  9. Triangle hamstring concept
  10. Jeremy Horn Triangle
  11. Omoplata Darce Choke
  12. Triangle defense frame twist
  13. Dean Lister walk around triangle defense
  14. Knee through forced frame triangle defense
  15. New mounted triangle
  16. Sittin' sidewayz triangle
  17. Omoplata elbow concept, 17B Omoplata elbow concept
  18. Omoplata reverse 77
  19. Omoplata far arm trap
  20. Omoplata monoplata from omoplata
  21. Omoplata to back
  22. Omoplata flatten
  23. Omoplata to turtle attack
  24. Lapelaplata concept
  25. Kimura
  26. Kimura trap opponents own gi
  27. Reverse the reverse kimura
  28. Kimura switch bullfighter
  29. Kimura to lapel Trap - LC
  30. Kimura Defense
  31. Jump Kimura defense
  32. Basic loop choke
  33. Clock choke to Marcus to Loop
  34. Loop to sit up guard
  35. Loop choke variations
  36. Defend the pass with loop
  37. Last ditch loop
  38. Guillotine
  39. Trifecta Guillotine
  40. Defend the pass with loop
  41. Scramble guillotine
  42. Chase down guillotine
  43. Guillotine defense
  44. The real RNC
  45. The right time to clock choke
  46. Old man bow and arrow
  47. Deep half bow and arrow
  48. Bs Rutten H&A Escape
  49. Branham Special
  50. Stiffing the waiter
  51. Waiter X knee back


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