Science of Pressure Points DVD with George Dillman

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An investigation of pressure point KO's by George Dillman and the black belts of Dillman Karate International.
  • Study conducted by neurologists from a leading medical university
  • Subjects were wired to EEG, EKG, BP, and pulse monitors
  • See the Dillman black belts KO 17 subjects after explaining the movements
  • Hear the reactions of the doctors, and the subjects as they recall auditory stimuli
  • This is the first time East meets West to try to determine the hows and whys the kyusho (one second) techniques work

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eugenio di loreto
I got no satisfied

Well, I got no satisfied. I have bought other videoas of dillman Kyusho. I didnâ€:tm:t like it so much. Donâ€:tm:t show really “scientific” causes or effects of the kyusho.