Ron Balicki's Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Instructor Series 8 DVD Set (Preowned)

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This series covers all the material you need to become an instructor under Sifu Ron Balicki. Ron Balicki is a Full Instructor in Jeet Kune Do under Sifu Dan Inosanto, the only living man given Instructorship by Bruce Lee. Ron has trained under Sifu Dan Inosanto for over 20 years. You will receive 8 high quality DVD's in which Ron has laid out his JKD curriculum for you to be able to watch over and over again.  

Vol 1:

  • Stances & Footwork
  • Basic boxing & Kickboxing
  • Basic Defense
  • Introduction to trapping

Vol 2:

  • Compound trapping
  • The 5 ways of attack
  • Entries
  • Focus mitt drills
  • Lop Sau & Pac Sao cycle
  • Ung moon (5 gates)
  • Wooden dummy #3 & #4

Vol 3:

  • Jab cross & jab hook series
  • Sidekick counters
  • Sidekick series
  • Round kick series

Vol 4:

  • Trapping sectors
  • Praying mantis drill
  • Don Chi Sao (Single sticky hand)

Vol 5:

  • Chi Sao (Double sticky hands)
  • Loy Pac Sao series
  • Biu Gee series
  • Jow Sao series
  • Ping Choy Gua Choy series
  • Lop Sao cycle

Vol 6:

  • Focus mitt trapping
  • Si Lum Tao
  • Chi Sao (Double sticky hands)
  • Wooden dummy #1-6 A & B

Vol 7: (Double Disc)

  • Jab cross & jab hook series
  • Sidekick & round kick series
  • Biu Gee & Jow Sao series
  • Ping Choy /Gua Choy series
  • Double Pac Sao series
  • Advanced reference point drills
  • Split entries on focus mitts
  • Pac Sao & Lop Sao drills
  • Grappling
  • Chi Sao
  • Wooden Dummy #1-9

Vol 8 (Instructor material)

  • Jow Sao series (The Helix)
  • Split entries focus mitts
  • Chi Sao instructor level
  • Wooden Dummy #1-10

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bill Sekerak

One of if not the best instructional DVDs not just on JKD but of martial arts in general that I have watched.
Particularly impressive, as well as highly instructive, is the demonstration of what Bruce Lee delineated as adapting to your opponent by " being water " the ebb and flow of a fight , expanding when the opponent contracts and contracting when the opponent expands. This is actually a drill you can learn with a partner.
Although very pricy it is worth every cell as you won't need any other JKD instructional videos than this one .
Its just extremely well done by someone who knows the subject well and is able to transmit that knowledge.

Great Instructional set

This is a awesome Instructional Set!

Martin Yalcin
this series is the best

This Series is the best Series on JKD i´ve ever seen! Great Material and perfect Stuff to get ready for the Instructor Ship!


Awesome material as far as JKD goes