Reality Ground Fighting 2 DVD Set with Walt Lysak

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Here's just a taste of what Walt will show you:
Why submission skills (the most important tactics in the ring) are the least important skills in real world ground combat. Discover the four simple techniques (which can never be legally used on the mat) that'll become your "bread and butter" weapons on the ground.
Simple "destruction" tactics that'll rip off his eyebrow like a stray caterpillar... gouge his eyes clean though his skull... or shatter his face and jaw bones like peanut brittle. This is pure filthy fighting for when your life is on the line.
An ultra-vicious "human pit bull" move that will shock and dismay even the most hardened streetfighter. This is as brutal as it gets - guaranteed to make him wish he'd never messed with you or your family.
A simple "toes on the street" technique that virtually eliminates getting scraped up on the concrete. This one trick is worth everything, and will keep you safe from harm while your opponent is being ground up to a bloody pulp.
The devastating "diaphragm crush" that will quickly screw up his breathing as you pulverize his floating ribs. No special skills required - once you see how it's done.
The coveted "pillow-chair-bed" principle that keeps you centered, balanced, and virtually impossible to be thrown out of position. Even experienced groundfighters won't know how the hell you're doing it (and it's the secret to staying in position while you quickly dismantle him).
And much more...

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I have been told that this will provide me every thing i need to know in ground fighting but it did not and i have been told that this program are going to be 3 and 1/2 hours and i found out that it is just 1 hour very good few side control tactics but i have to say it does not deserve it's price and i am totally disappointed and i wish i didn't buy it .