RAT Interactive Fighting System 2 Disc Set with Paul Vunak

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Paul originally designed this R.A.T. fighting system for "hot duty" professionals who had zero time to practice, often had no previous fighting skills, but whose lives depended on learning a simple "end the fight right NOW" set of skills.

This is all-new stuff, never before seen in the civilian sector. And there isn't an ounce of fat in this system... It's ALL "Meat"! There are no "defensive" moves at all. You don't need them, and they're a waste of time to learn. Each move Paul shows you will instantly instill horrible, blinding pain in your opponent and destroy his weapons as he attempts to fight back. And... there are just 3 simple "tools" to master in your fighting arsenal. That's all you need.

Even more amazing... this is the FIRST video training system in any field that is totally "interactive". That means you train opposite Paul himself. It required the use of a rare $60,000 "Steady Cam" absolutely critical for the breathtaking "interactive" training you are about to experience. It allowed Paul to train directly opposite the camera, moving in real-time fight mode - so he's looking you right in the eye as you train against his moves. Through this amazing interactive video process - used in martial arts for the first time ever - you now have the opportunity to train one-on-one with the world's most respected street-fighter as your partner!

DVD 1: Rapid Assault Tactics

Disc 2: Close Quarter Gun Disarmament PDF on CD

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shannon Curtiss
Great video

I bought his Tactical Response video and he knows his craft.

George Chai
Excellent video

Clear instructions. Great material.

Its great stuff

I have this on VHS. I should get the DVD. Its great stuff. Its a streamlined and compact formula for gaining entry to an opponent and taking them out quickly. Its a short, concise, and effective method. Props to Vu for putting this out, and to have it in a format for solo study/practice too. Great job!

Dustin Bunnell
Great video!

Great video! If you wanna learn the RAT, it's all here. The only thing aside from this DVD that you'd need is a partner and you'd be dynamite!

Dietrich Mills
Paul's great but this works better in a seminar format.

Paul's great but this works better in a seminar format.