Brutal Submissions On The Back DVD by Mark Hatmaker

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The ground-fighting moves you're going to learn from this video are unlike anything you've ever seen. They're far from the "basic" moves you learn from other people's tapes on the ground game. They're the real thing.

These moves are so incredibly powerful, explosive, and "ballistic" - most people will NEVER see them coming. You'll have the "element of surprise" on your side from start to finish, any time you need it.


  • Leg locks that nobody ever expects!
  • Wrist locks that feel worse than being stabbed to death!
  • Chokes that will knock out anyone (of ANY size) in seconds!
  • Neck cranks that will make a BIG guy cry like a baby!
  • Strangulations that end the fight right now!
  • Muscle stretches that cause unbearable pain forever!
  • Tendon poppers that nobody can withstand - not even 300-pound muscle-bound monsters!
  • And much, much more!

This Hatmaker dude has been a professional martial artist for twenty years, and has spent every second of that time challenging everything that other fighters called impossible.

He spent NINE YEARS studying the BEST groundfighters in the world... and picking apart their favorite holds until he discovered the secret of escape for every hold. 

He's just 5'8" and maybe 150 pounds soaking wet... and yet he CANNOT be held down by even the most painful and complex hold, no matter how much bigger and stronger his opponent is.

38 min.

Customer Reviews

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simen roth
its hatmaker!

its hatmaker! if you dont know let me tell you you cant go wrong with a hatmaker product! i have this and almost every other video he has done. you wont be sorry.

Joseph Burtner
nice submissions from the back

Shows a number of nice submissions once you've got the guy's back, including chokes, arm bars, and leg locks.