Misogi: Purification of Mind & Body DVD with John Stevens (Preowned)

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Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of the martial art of Aikido, defined Misogi as a washing away of all defilements, a removal of obstacles, a separation from disorder, an abstention from negative thoughts, a radiant state of unadorned purity, the accomplishment of all things, a condition of lofty virtue and spotless environment. In Misogi, one returns to the very beginning, where one is at harmony with the universe.

In this DVD, John Stevens - Aikido teacher, professor of Buddhist studies and the author of many well known books - explains and demonstrates several misogi forms. Included are sections on misogi no ken, misogi no jo, misogi no kami jo, misogi no awase (paired forms with staffs), misogi no fan, and sho chiku bai swordplay. Also included are sections on chinken kishin (misogi of the mind) and kototama (misogi of speech).

This DVD will be of intereste ot students of Aikido, and more generally to all who are interested in the spiritual aspect of the martial arts. It includes many photos of O-Sensei as well as some rare footage of Rinjiro Shirata, who developed many of the Misogi forms.

90 min.