Kyokushin Karate: Defeating a Larger Opponent DVD.

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Mas Oyama, the founder of full contact Kyokushin Karate in Japan is quoted as saying "The essence of Kyokoshin Karate lies in the defeat of a larger opponent by a smaller one." In this DVD, you will see actual fight footage along with instruction on how smaller fighters can beat a larger opponent.

This DVD is split into 2 parts; instructional and fight footage. In the instructional segment, 3 top full contact Karate experts share the strategies and secrets they use to defeat larger opponents. Your instructors are Ryu Narushima, Masafumi Tagahara, and Miyuki Eguchi.

The 2nd part of the DVD includes the best "David vs. Goliath" matches from the past 10 years of Full Contact Karate tournaments in Japan.

Language: Japanese

This DVD is out of print.