Killer Instinct DVD with Demi Barbito

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Why are men who hunt professional killers doing all they can to spend ONE HOUR with this guitar-playing streetfighter from LA who HATES TO FIGHT? Find out for yourself!

Soldiers, cops and other streetfighters say that Demi is one of the best hand-to-hand fighters -- and best combat teachers -- in the country. And you'll have to agree 100%.

Demi Barbito became a streetfighter before he turned 13, growing up in the meanest streets of southern Los Angeles county. There's blood on his hands. He has the best credentials of ANY fighter I've ever met - certified personally in Brazilian Ju Jitsu by Rickson Gracie (3 years of hard- core training)... full instructor status in JKD and Filipino Kali... full certification in close- quarter handgun combat (from the TAC FIRE Institute, where all top SWAT cops learn their lethal skills) ... head instructor at a secretive "lethal force" school. Most of his clientele are high-ranking black belts, SWAT cops, Drug Enforcement agents, private club bouncers... and Level 4 prison security guards (the guys who hold the line in maximum security prisons).

These men are the best-trained professionals in the world... men who must fight against trained killers who love to hurt and maim... and who never, ever fight fair. They seek out Demi because... alone among all the teachers of high- level "lethal" combat out there... Demi is the ONLY one who teaches... Reality-Based "Self Preservation".