Jeet Kune Do for Real-World Combat 5 DVD Set with Paul Vunak.

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Paul shares his knowledge of how to apply Jeet Kune Do for survival in the streets. These are the brutal techniques that he taught the US Navy SEALs, intended for military combat and self preservation. Included are lessons on stick fighting, trapping, edged weapons, wooden dummy training, and ground fighting.

Volume 1: Stick Fighting

Volume 2: Trapping

Volume 3: Edge Weapons

Volume 4: Wooden Dummy Training

Volume 5: Ground Fighting 

Customer Reviews

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Alberto Ceretto
The same thing that Paul did in all of his dvd. Nothing new

Always the same thing, over and over.
All the dvds of Paul Vunak are the same!!

Elias Burdiez
came quickly

I am happy how quickly it came

alexander Hajtmanek
Since there is no Bruce anymore - thank god there is a Paul Vunak

Absorb what's useful, reject what's useless and add something personal to it. This is them. Based on any martial art that exists so far, he condenses the applicable techniques for a street fight in his PFS. And if there would arise a new art he wouln'd be too cocky or proud to integrate them. A master in his flowing and changing art