International Warrior Series 2 DVD Set with Oleg Taktarov & Vladimir Vasiliev

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Oleg Taktarov, together with Vladimir Vasiliev, take you through the best street self-defense - hand-to-hand combat, wrestling, ground fighting, disarming weapons, mass attacks, fights in a bar and in a parking lot, as well as professional KGB team work previously unrevealed to the public.

Oleg Taktarov is a Russian "Super Soldier" bred from the Russian military machine. Oleg has climbed to the top of everything that he has ever done. He was a master trainer for the KGB, SPETSNAZ, and the hyper-secret "Special Division Alpha".

He is 4-time Jiu-Jitsu world champion, 2-time Russian Sambo world champion. Then he did what every professional fighter in the world wants to do... He entered and won the 6th Ultimate Fighting Challenge, taking out the famous Tank Abbott in the process.

Vladimir Vasiliev is an instructor of the Russian art of Systema based out of Toronto, Canada.


Hand to Hand Combat & Advanced Grappling with Oleg Taktarov

-Escapes from dangerous holds & chokes
-Advanced ground defense
-Knife attacks on the ground
-Defense against kicks
-Advanced ankle locks
-Advanced defense techniques
-Advanced striking
-Competition moves
-Real life applications

Secrets of Russian Spec Ops Training with Vladimir Vasiliev
-Defense against punches
-Defense against kicks
-Defense against holds
-Defense against chokes
-Knife disarmament
-Stick disarmament
-Real life applications

Bonus combination session with Oleg & Vladimir
-Defense against knife attacks: The chain
-Defense against knife attacks: The wall
-Defense against knife attacks: Low level - hi level
-Restraints: Chicken wings
-Restraints: Prisoner carry
-Multiple attackers
-Real life appliations: Multiple attackers

2 DVD, 156 Minutes