Instant Edge DVD & CD Set by Mark Hatmaker

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Mark is in the middle of creating the most comprehensive series on grappling tactics ever produced. He calls it "Brutal Submissions". And they are brutal. this new video of Mark's answers the most common question fighters have in grappling: Now that you're on the ground, what the heck do you do to END THE FRIGGIN' FIGHT?

Mark keeps it simple... something no other martial art has been able to do. So simple, in fact... that there are just 3 basic positions he bothers to cover. They are the most common positions you will find yourself in on the ground, in a fight. No ? wait. They are the ONLY positions you will find yourself in, 99% of the time. Crossbody... cross-side... and top body.

Unless you're grappling with a double-jointed gymnast, this is pretty much all you need.

He keeps it simple, but don't think that means limited effectiveness. All those pro's begging for help know different. It's a MYTH that grappling has to be difficult, or complex. Mark ? and his students ? prove that, day after day.

Simple, yes. But also advanced, at least in effectiveness. I know that's hard to believe, because so much of your training so far has been a struggle.

Includes the following:

  • How to use just 4 pounds of pressure to twist a large man's wrist so it instantly activates Pain Central in his system!
  • Simple move that turns anyone who tries to throw you down from a middle grab into limp hamburger!
  • His arm in your face? Snap it like a twig from the crossbody position.
  • Super-fast choke-outs straight from your shoulder, in tight, when he least believes you can pull it off. (Good night!)
  • Unexpected moves that not only block his best moves... but leave him open to your fight-ending next move! (It's a blow he won't see coming, has never seen before anyway, and will dream about for the rest of his life... after he wakes up.)
  • Super-wicked head scissors locks (all new, too) that allow you control King Kong like a baby squirrel.
  • Plus... painful heel hooks... nasty disabling neck cranks... easy to learn double-cross chokes that defy logic (yet work like magic!)... and filthy entanglement locks that wrap him up like a big, mushy (and sobbing for mercy) pretzel.
  • And lots more.

DVD: Instant Edge Instructional

CD: Instant Edge Dirty Tricks